Welcome to the T3010 QuickPrep. This tool will help you complete your T3010 information form quickly and will check for common errors in the form. At any point you can save your T3010 form and come back to it later.


    • Automatic summation of totals
    • Error checking
    • Tips and explanations embedded in the form
    • Compatible on all browser types
    • Further resources suggested, based on your responses to the T3010
    • Print CRA approved PDFs

Recommended Standards:
    • For best results, we recommend you use a recently updated version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox and have your screen resolution set to at least 1024 X 768.

Every registered charity in Canada must fill out a T3010 information form and send it to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) within six months of the end of their fiscal year. Unfortunately, many charities lose their charity registration because they do not file their information return within this timeframe. This on-line tool will help you in filling out your organization’s T3010 information return.

The interactive form will take you step-by-step through the tax return and ensure that your form is filled out properly and completely.


There are two types of errors that this tool will help you with:

  • Arithmetic. As you go through the form, totals of categories will be automatically calculated for you and cannot be edited. E.g. As you enter the various revenue categories of your charity, the total revenue of your charity will be calculated.
  • Logic and completion. As you go through the form, the system will check to ensure that you have completed all necessary parts of the form. E.g. If you have entered that you have paid staff but have omitted compensation expenses, the system will inform you of this inconsistency. The system will only present you with sections and schedules that you have indicated, through your answers to various questions, must be filled out. If you don’t have to fill out a given section of the form, that section will be inactive and cannot be filled out.

All errors in the form must be corrected before you will be given the option of printing the final form.

All numbers will be saved as whole numbers (no decimals). Any decimals will be rounded accordingly.


On the left side of this form, you will see navigation tabs for each of the sections of the T3010 information return. You may jump between sections as much as you want, but you will not be allow to print a final version the form until you have completed the form in its entirety and it has been validated (the system doesn’t find any errors).

Once a section of the form has been completed, with no errors, the tab will turn Green and have a checkmark in it. You will not be able to print a final copy of your form until all the sections are green. If the validation test finds any errors, the section tabs that contain those errors will be highlighted in Red with an “x” in the tab and there will be an explanation of the error at the top of the page.

Once the form is completed and validated, you will be offered the option to print your form in a CRA authorized PDF that can be sent to the CRA with your other information forms.

Tool Tips

When clicked on, the line number for most lines will present a tip about how to complete that line. These tips have been taken from the T4033 Completing the Registered Charity Information Return, the Mount Royal Charity Filing Guide, and Imagine Canada insights.


  1. What is the T3010 Charity Information Return?
    Every registered charity in Canada must file a T3010 Registered Charity Information Return with the Canada Revenue Agency annually. Among other things, this form requires charities to enter their programs or activities, number of paid employees, and revenue and expense information.

  2. Can I save the information and come back to it later?
    Yes! At the bottom of each page there is a Save/Next button that allows you to save your work and either move on to the next section or take a break and come back to the form later. We will save the form under your user name for one year after the last date modified.

  3. Is my data secure? Who can see the data that I enter into the tool?
    No one will see the information that you enter into the T3010 QuickPrep while you are using the tool. As a registered charity, most of the information in your T3010 form that is submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency will be available publically on the CRA website as well as in CharityFocus. All of the information that is classified as “Confidential Information” on the T3010 form will not be available for public consumption.

  4. Can I file the form directly from the T3010 QuickPrep site?
    No. You will be able to print a final copy of your completed and verified T3010 form that can be sent directly to the CRA.

  5. Can I print my T3010 form?
    Yes. At any point in the process, you may print a draft version of your T3010 form. A draft version differs from a final version in that the form has not passed the QuickPrep verification and has DRAFT watermarked on the form. Once you have completely filled out the T3010 form and have passed the QuickPrep verification, you will be able to print a final version of the T3010 form that you can send to the CRA.

  6. How long will my form be saved on the site?
    Your T3010 form will be saved under your user name for one year after the last date modified.

  7. How many forms can I have?
    You can have as many forms as you want –there is no limit on the number of T3010 forms that you complete.

  8. Can I change my form after I’ve passed the QuickPrep verification?
    Yes. You can change the information in the form at any time before it has been sent to the CRA. When you go to the QuickPrep verification tab, the system will run through the entire form to ensure that all the errors have been corrected.

  9. Can I share my login?


Ver 3.0 - 03/21/2013

  • Introduction of the T3010-13 form for fiscal period ending on or after 01/01/2013

Ver 2.0 - 04/24/2012

  • SF Authentication Release
  • Admin and Framework Updates

Ver 1.0 - 11/11/2011

  • Invitational Release 1.0